mockingbird bg.png

The colors represent the race, black and white, and the fight between them which is red. A white hand stretches out and chokes the blackbird, which is made of black hands. This design conveys a complex idea composed of simple and provocative images. 

I wanted to redesign the poster to attract viewers with more interesting and clear imagery so that the story can be heard and more people “listen” to the message.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Movie Poster Redesign
flower bg.png


Conceptual Rebranding

This is a part of the conceptual redesign proposal for Yahoo!, suggesting solutions to enhance the brand identity and attract more users.


Unlike other competitors (like Google) Yahoo didn’t have a clear statement for their brand’s purpose and goals. In fact, they changed their mission statements 24 times in 24 years. It is important to have a concrete vision of the brand in order to guide and direct the company to provide products that fit into the brand.


In order to strengthen the brand’s identity, I defined three keywords to represent Yahoo:

Exploration, discovery, and communication.

These keywords represent Yahoo as:

1) a place for curiosity and exploration, 2) a place where users can find answers to their questions, 3) a suitable place for communicating thoughts and discoveries with other users.


Soho Sushi Burrito


Soho Sushi Burrito is a restaurant targeting young people with a fun atmosphere. They wanted to make their brand image clear and create a new look with these keywords: fresh, fun and healthy



Conceptual Branding

This idea imagines a taxi that customers can use to commute around the city, but also offers the opportunity to share a ride with friends and chat over coffee while enjoying the city views. TAFE would be accessible through a mobile app and at regular taxi stops.