"Passion found me"

I fell in love with graphic design after taking a psychology class in college. The topic that fascinated me most was brain functions, which opened my eyes to the power of visual effects - I did research on the topic and won a $5000 research stipend as the first graphic design student recipient. 


However, from my graphic design career, I also learned that visual designs may impress people but they don’t impact their lives much. That’s why I became interested in the user experience design - to create positive impacts.


As an ENFJ type person - one of the rarest personalities in MBTI - I’ve always had a desire for helping others and delivering positive impacts. This passion is why I created my project Belif. With my passions, skills, and talents, one of my long-term goals is to create products that help our community solve social issues. 


For now, I’m very interested in creating things to make people’s lives more productive and efficient, because I live in the beautiful city of San Francisco, a place full of technology and busy people!


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