Creating innovation from scratch

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Goally is a subscription-based software company with a mission to help neurodiverse children and their families. They're preparing a new product, which is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application, to give a voice to children who experience severe speech problems. The goal is to create an AAC mobile app for children and a web portal for their parents to customize the vocabularies used in the AAC app.

Please note that “neurodiverse” refers to conditions like ADHD and autism, where there are variations due to differences in brain functions and learning processes.

Duration: 1Month

Examples of AAC Apps in the market

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Most popular app

My Contribution

  • Took the design lead in creating their product, from concept to implementation.

  • Designed both mobile and web portal, from scratch to high-fidelity mockups.

  • Accomplished more than Goally planned for the project and finished everything in a month.

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About the Project

Mobile App

The AAC app is a vocabulary set with buttons in a grid layout. Children find and press the word buttons to make a sentence as a method of communication.

Web Portal

The web portal is where parents can manage vocabularies used in the AAC app. It also provides all customizable options for the vocabulary set.

Team - 2 UX design interns, CEO, SLP